As musicians, my wife and I found we weren't always able to find the sheet music we wanted locally, so I started to ship it in for both of us.  And then I thought that I could do it for you too .... Billy

 At Your Service 

Do you accept international orders?


Yes we accept international orders.  Payments will be done via Paypal

What are my shipping options?


Postage applies.  For international postage we will factor in postage and quote you first if you would like.

What is your returns policy?


We do not accept returns.  This is due to our strict adherence to copyright rules. This is not a retail store, but if you would like to pop in and view the music prior to purchasing we can accomodate that. 

I’m having problems placing my order, what can I do?


Give Billy a call on the contact number below.  If he is not able to take your call, please leave a message or contact him via the form.

Can you source music for me?


Yes, absolutely!  But please make sure you give us enough time, otherwise your music may be more expensive than necessary.



If the music is on the website then it is in stock and will ship within 24 hours of your order being placed and paid for.  If your music is a special order then it must first be sent from another publisher or supplier to our warehouse before being shipped to you.  This music will take longer to get to you but we will try and keep you updated on its progress.


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Billy 021 836 255


Opening hours:

Always open to receive orders and emails, but please stick

to normal New Zealand day time hours for phone calls.

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